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What to Look For in a Rental Car

Renting a car can increase your freedom of movement in any trip, whether you are going for business or for pleasure. It’s a lot more desirable than waiting for public transport or having to pay for taxi every time you want to go somewhere. But the hidden cost comes back to bite if you are not aware of them. It pays to be on your toes when picking up and.. Read More

Hiring a car for the wedding has become a common trend these days as couples want to make a grand entrance on their wedding day. Selecting the right wedding car is sure to make a major difference in the style and look of a wedding. It is essential to select the right rental company and the perfect car to make sure that your wedding day is hassle free and perfect… Read More

Oh the Places you’ll go In Brilliant Barcelona!

One of the most popular tourist locations in the world, Barcelona is known to attract millions of people every year. What makes Barcelona such a favorite of tourists is its ability to provide something special for every kind of traveler. Not only does it have gorgeous beaches but also gorgeous mountains along with an exciting nightlife and architecture drenched in history and culture. Camp Nou This is the ultimate place.. Read More

Best Underwater Hotels to Visit

Underwater hotels are increasingly becoming a desirable spot for honeymooning and romantic getaways for couples around the world. More and more people travel especially to experience what it’s like to live under the sea. Instead of deluxe penthouse suites in skyscrapers, the most exclusive hotel rooms will soon be on the ocean floor offshore. As down is becoming the new up, underwater hotels are not short on amenities. All the.. Read More


Overview Belgium is located in Western Europe, credited as being one of the founding members of the European Union. Belgium is bordered to the west by France, Luxembourg to the south and Germany to the east. The Netherlands lie to the northeast. The northwest coastline of Belgium abuts the North Sea. Belgium today is divided into a variety of regions that include Flemish communities, French communities, and German speaking communities… Read More

Tenerife Airport

Overview The Canary Islands are served by several airports, but the Tenerife North International Airport (IATA Code: TFN) is one of the most popular in terms of passenger traffic. The airport is also known as the Los Rodeos Airport, located on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the largest of the seven islands. The airport is one of two international airports located on the island.  The other is Tenerife South, more.. Read More