One of the most popular tourist locations in the world, Barcelona is known to attract millions of people every year. What makes Barcelona such a favorite of tourists is its ability to provide something special for every kind of traveler. Not only does it have gorgeous beaches but also gorgeous mountains along with an exciting nightlife and architecture drenched in history and culture.

Camp Nou

This is the ultimate place to be if you’re a football fan. Housing the internationally famed F.C. Barcelona, the stadium has a capacity of 99,000 people. If you get the chance, make sure to take a tour of the breathtaking grounds. In fact, through proper planning, you may even be able to catch a game in Europe’s largest sporting arena.


Having received the seal of approval from National Geographic as the best beach in the city, Barceloneta is an excellent place for tourists to unwind. The popularity of this 4.5 km long beach can be attributed to its closeness to the city center.

Parc Guell

Parc Guell is like something out of a fairy tale book. One of Antoni Gaudi’s most celebrated works, Parc Guell also holds the famous sculpture of Salamander. This location is a must see, especially if you’re travelling through this beautiful city with a special someone.

Barrio Gotico

This gothic quarter is a time capsule for you to walk through. An ancient city from the Middle Ages set amidst the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, the Barrio Gotico is the oldest part of Barcelona, which has some of the most beautiful basilicas, museums, plazas, churches and markets. What is most fascinating about the Gotico, however, are the remains of Roman houses and streets under the museum. Not only is this historical landmark free to visit, you get to experience it fully on foot since buses don’t fit through the narrow streets.

La Rambla

La ramba

What better way to get the true essence of a city than by visiting its streets? La Rambla is the most popular street in the city and is just a tumult of activity throughout the day. Street performers, bars, restaurants, and Boqueria market add to its charm and infuse life into the location.

Sagrada Familia

The most popular tourist attraction in the city, this gorgeous basilica is another one of Antoni Gaudi’s creations. This is the pinnacle of his designs, which are otherwise sprinkled across the rest of the city. What adds to its mythic charm is the fact that it has remained unfinished to this day. In fact, its construction is expected to be finished no earlier than 2026.