Hiring a car for the wedding has become a common trend these days as couples want to make a grand entrance on their wedding day. Selecting the right wedding car is sure to make a major difference in the style and look of a wedding. It is essential to select the right rental company and the perfect car to make sure that your wedding day is hassle free and perfect.

Hochzeitsauto HDThere are several rental companies that offer cars for weddings. This service is a little different from the regular car renting service as it includes chauffeurs and sometimes even placing flowers and other decorations on the car. A chauffeur is a must for the wedding as this reduces the stress of driving yourself or finding someone responsible to drive the car with care. Having a professional as a drive relieves the couple from this stress while the can relax and fully enjoy their day.

Following are a few useful tips to rent a perfect wedding car without any hassle:

Establishing A Timeline

It is important to have a timeline of everything on your special day. This way you will know when you need your wedding car to arrive. For example, determine how much time it will take to get your makeup and hair done or when will you be done with the wedding portraits? These factors affect your transportation schedule. Make sure you also add a little extra time in case of any last minute emergency. Once you have a rough timeline, you will be able to provide a proper time to the rental company as to when you may need the car.

After establishing a timeline, start looking for rental companies. The best time to start this process is four to six months before your wedding day so that you can get the car and service of your choice by booking them well in advance. Make a list of at least ten rental companies offering wedding day services.

Making A Budget

The next thing to do is to design your budget for the transportation. Consider all the possibilities like cost per mileage, cost per hour and the distance between your place of stay and wedding place before making the booking.  The cost will also depend on the car and extra services you want to hire.

Ask For Written Agreement

Once you are done with the basics, you will have a better idea about what you want and what it will cost. It is best to ask for a written agreement from the rental company which includes all the terms of services including model of the vehicle, overtime rate, pick and drop timing, departure and arrival location, gratuity and refund policies, initial deposit and total cost. Make sure to ask whether the total price is all inclusive.  It is also important to ensure that the driver is insured and licensed.

Prepare An Itinerary


Preparing an itinerary is a great way to ensure that everything goes according to plan. When you have made an itinerary plan, email or fax it to your car rental company along with every necessary instructions and directions. This must also include alternate routes in case of any traffic jams. It is a good idea to give this plan to the entire bridal party to ensure everyone arrives on time without any hassle.  Include contact details of the wedding planner or a close family member in case anyone needs assistance. It is best not to give the number of the bride or groom in this plan as it will only add to the stress of this big day when they start receiving calls regarding transportation problems or for directions.  Ensure that you also provide contact details to the rental company in case they need to verify something or any other problem.

Think Creatively

You can be as creative as you want with your wedding transportation. You can ask the car rental company to show you some unique cars that can stand out and make a great entrance. For example, rent a vintage car if it suits your style, ask for the groom’s favorite sports car, go for a school bus (great for teachers) or something else you can think of.  Some car rental companies who specialize in wedding vehicles may even arrange a carriage for you which could be a perfect fairytale entrance.

Consider Renting Cars for Your Guests

You can always go that extra mile and hire few cars for the ease of your out-of-town guests. They have spared time and spent money to come to your wedding and it can be a great gesture if you provide them all the comforts you can afford. If you hire more cars, you may also get a discount deal from your car rental company. This way you can make your wedding a memorable one for your guests as well as for yourself.  You can even ask for a limousine or a van to accommodate your guests. This way your wedding party can enjoy the journey together, this is a more fun way than going in separate cars.

A grand entrance with a beautifully decorated vehicle can enhance your big day. It is a great way to ensure that your wedding guests truly enjoy and remember the day just as much as you. If you have selected the perfect car and car rental company, there is no doubt you will have a hassle free and unforgettable time at your special day.