FI Unterwasserhotel

Underwater hotels are increasingly becoming a desirable spot for honeymooning and romantic getaways for couples around the world. More and more people travel especially to experience what it’s like to live under the sea.

Instead of deluxe penthouse suites in skyscrapers, the most exclusive hotel rooms will soon be on the ocean floor offshore. As down is becoming the new up, underwater hotels are not short on amenities. All the comforts of a five star hotel are available in underwater hotels too. The following is a brief account of six underwater hotels from around the world:

The Manta resort – Pemba island, Zanzibar

Imagine yourself in an underwater bedroom encapsulated in a turquoise bubble, as fishes swim by lazily and time seems to slow down. Romantic and relaxing, such is the experience of the manta resort. Located in the northwest tip of Pemba island, the underwater rooms on this resort have a depth of 13 feet. Okay, “underwater room” may be an understatement as this place is more of a three-story private island. Sunbathe on the comfortable top deck; wine, dine and dip on the water deck; and sleep with fishes on the underwater level.

Utter Inn – Vasteras, Sweden


Designed by a man with a vivid imagination, an artist and a sculptor Mikael Gunberg, the Utter Inn is a true artistic marvel constructed in 2000. This single-room offers guests a chance to sleep 10ft below the surface about a kilometer offshore. The inn is an equivalent of an aquarium, with the roles reversed. Instead of looking out at the sea creatures, the guests of Utter Inn are in the aquarium and the fish are looking in. It’s truly a unique experience.

Jules’s undersea lodge – key largo Florida

Formerly a research laboratory in the 70s, Jules undersea lodge is now one of Florida’s beloved attractions. The only way to access this 2-bedroom guest house is by scuba diving 30ft down to reach the wet-room hatch. Visitors to Jules who are not certified divers will go through a 3-hour crash course in scuba diving before going to their room for the night. The best part about visiting this undersea lodge is that it has all the amenities one would come to expect from a hotel room. Plus, the daily news paper, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all delivered below sea level! A truly memorable getaway.

Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort -The Maldives

An exotic resort combined with world-class hospitality makes Hilton Conrad one of the finest place to visit. Although it’s not a completely submerged resort with 90% of its facilities on land. It does have a 12 seat underwater restaurant, which converts to a 2 bedroom on special occasions.

Poseidon Undersea Resort – Katafinga, Fiji


The Poseidon Undersea Resort provides all the amenities, comfort, and options only a five start hotel can offer. The construction of this establishment is almost complete, located at the depth of 90 feet (28m), the surroundings abundant with sea life and 8 square-miles of lagoon. The resort offers 25 guest suites, a 100-seat restaurant, bar, complete with a spa, wedding chapel, and a theatre. Let’s not forget the dive shop. Not a diver? No worries. you can use the elevator on the pier. Each guest will have a personal submarine at their disposal for exploring within the lagoon. The walls are transparent, so the visitors will be able to enjoy an experience that will last them a lifetime. Don’t fail to experience Poseidon’s one of a kind facilities, yet.

Hydropolis – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Currently under construction, Hydropolis will be the world’s first ultra luxurious underwater water hotel. It has 3 components, the land station, where guests will arrive, the connecting tunnel, through which the people will be transported by train to the central area of the resort, and the 220 suites within the submarine complex. Located at the depth of 66 feet, this wonderful project will transform from fiction to reality as claimed by Sheikh Muhammad. With the Prince’s support, about 150 companies have been grouped together to begin this extra ordinary project.